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Garlic is good for you. Five Fun and Healthy Facts about the Bulb

Garlic is good for you. Five Fun and Healthy Facts about the Bulb

Who doesn’t love garlic? Maybe Count Dracula doesn’t. The stats aren’t lying: consume approximately 2 lbs of garlic yearly. That seems high! The average clove weighs 3 grams. 2 lbs of garlic is equivalent to over 300 cloves.

Garlic, a member of the onion family that includes shallots and leeks, can be used in many ways. It can even be used as glue! It can even be used to make glue!

In the 1800s, a second unexpected application was to repel mosquitoes. This is a backstory to Bram Stoker’s heyday. It is also why Dracula, a blood-sucker, was opposed to garlands.

The best part is that garlic is super healthy. Five fun and nutritional facts about garlic were found to answer the question.

Garlic has a long and healthy history.

Garlic has been used medicinally in healing since ancient times, Greek and Roman. It promotes heart health and immunity. It also helps to maintain healthy blood flow.

Garlic is high in Vitamin C to support the immune system.

Garlic is great for your immune system. It can also relieve many ailments such as nausea, inflammation, joint pains, respiratory problems, and cancer.

Garlic and Garlic DetoxGarlic is an excellent detoxifier, as it contains allicin, which helps to fight toxins and promotes white blood cell production. It is best to consume it raw. You can add crushed garlic to a dressing or mix it with olive oil and tomatoes.

Headaches gone

Although garlic can cause headaches in some people, it can treat them in others. According to, “Garlic and onion are good remedies for headaches,” Lynn Anderson, Ph.D. ND, a naturopathic doctor in Los Angeles and a yoga therapist.

Garlic lowers blood pressure.

Garlic is proven to lower blood Pressure. Take 300-1500mg garlic tablets daily for 24 weeks to get the best results. Web MD recommends that you do this in divided doses. Garlic prevents the production of angiotensin II and increases nitric oxide availability. The pills won’t cause bad breath.

There are many remedies for bad breath. The strong smell and taste of pills can be reduced. If you are looking for raw material, it is possible to remove garlic’s distinctive smell from your hands by running them under cool water and rubbing a stainless steel object.

Suppose you’d rather avoid this situation, many great products such as Dorot Gardens fresh to-frozen cubes. Drinking lemon juice or eating a few lemon slices will help to eliminate garlic breath. You can also rub fresh lemon oil on your fingers to eliminate the smell.

We bet that you are now craving something garlicky and delicious after reading this. Here’s how to make delicious little garlic knots.

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