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Five Most Popular kinds of cheese from the Chew On This!

Five Most Popular kinds of cheese from the Chew On This!

What cheeses are most popular in the This may seem the most boring question, but there’s a simple answer. There are many. It turns out that Americans love cheeses. The reasons are as varied as the foods they complement.

We all love brie-live but can’t help but think that our best taste is the best. However, we must admit that other people may have different opinions. We respect everyone’s opinion on gouda.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone. It is one of few foods that can be used as an ingredient in many dishes worldwide, but it can also be enjoyed on its own. Its ability to enhance almost any dish makes those allergic to it feel like we’re in a Michelin five-star restaurant.

It would take nearly three years to try all 1,800 varieties of cheese. We don’t need to worry about this. Our friends at DeliciousCooking took on this delicious task and made it easy for us. If you’re curious about queso, feel free to try their recipes.

Monterey Jack

Tell us that we don’t know much about cheese. You have to be respectful that more than a quarter of Americans love Monterey Jack in a country with 50 states. Alabama, Arkansas and, California, Kansas, Kentucky. Louisiana, Mississippi, and North Dakota. Rhode Island. South Carolina. Tennessee, Texas, and Texas ranked Monterey Jack as the best big cheese.


We are happy to see millions of people love mozzarella, whether it is melted, cold, or sliced. We do have reservations about Rhode Island’s decisiveness. The state’s three most popular kinds of cheese were mozzarella, Monterey Jack and ricotta.


Don’t bother with Provolone. This is the message Arizona, Hawaii and Nevada are sending to their top picks. Pennsylvania chose to have a double dose of cheese. Mozzarella, which is second in popularity, took Provolone’s top spot.


Four states claim that feta is the best cheese. The states of West Virginia, Illinois, Massachusetts and Vermont all agree that feta is the #1 cheese.


In Florida, Georgia and Missouri, gouda is a staple of life. We are happy that these five states have great tastebuds. However, it is worth noting that gouda accounts for nearly 60% of all world cheese consumption.

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