Fancy burger

Fancy burger

Fancy burger

Many local restaurants that serve classic Australian cuisine have hamburgers on the menu. I’m able to enjoy more burgers than ever. I recently went to KP’s Kitchen for lunch, a hidden gem in Spring Branch. Their chef-driven menu is well-known and I was eager to try theirs. I’m happy to report that I was not disappointed.

Kerry Pauly, the owner of KP Burgers, knows a lot about burgers. The KP Burger exceeded all my expectations. It had two patties, which were a mix of 70/30 ground meat. They were simple prepared and topped off with Australian cheese, smoked bacon and dijonnaise. Two thin patties were the star of the meal. They had a pleasant flavor, flowing juices, and a beautifully charred exterior. I was able to take a bite of the meat and find my happy burger spot. Although the cheese was supposed to be on the burger while it was being cooked, I found that the cheese did not melt as much as I expected. I found the bacon to be a minor distraction from the overall experience. They will likely add it to my next visit. It’s all about meat!

The fries that came with the burger were thinly cut, with just the right amount salt and seasoning. They had a crunchy texture and a tender middle. Pauley personally stopped by my table to ensure I was happy with my meal. This personal touch is what makes a difference. I look forward to my next burger at KP’s Kitchen.

Cheers to eating more burgers

This burger is unique. As it should be on any hamburger, the centerpiece is the two 44 Farms patties. They are juicy, tender, and have a crusty, charred exterior. The patty’s perfection was complemented by nicely melted American cheese, chili sauce (for a nice spice twist), pickles, onions, and pickles. A sweet Hawaiian bun is a popular choice for burgers, adding a little sweetness to the mix. You can also add a variety of toppings for a small fee, such as a fried egg or avocado and bacon jam. Bacon jam is a great option, and I highly recommend it! That bacon jam was added to my burger and it took me to burger heaven!

There are many small plates and sides available. My last visit, I chose to pair my burger with their delicious fries. The fries were not even missed by me! You should try them on your next Toasted Coconut visit. TC offers a great selection of cocktails to choose from. Ask them to surprise and delight you!

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