5 Sexy Alcohol-Free Cocktails That Will Astonish You

Alcohol-free drinks taste great but are also good for your health. Are such drinks possible? We’re serious, folks. Sexy AF is a new company. Before you get all twisted up and go to town, be aware that AF stands for “alcohol-free.” We find the name clever. These spirits are also ideal for making alcohol-free cocktails and “mocktails”, as they are plant-based, vegan, […]

Five Super Healthy Mocktails to Celebrate National Wellness Month

National Wellness Month is upon us, so why not toast your health with refreshing mocktails packed with nutrients? Michelle Harris is a lifestyle expert and host of Alive & Well. This TV series promotes a healthy lifestyle. Natalie Portman, as well as Brad Pitt are also alcohol-free. Dorit of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills owns her line of alcohol-free bubbly called La Sauce Cuvee Zero. Harris takes the alcohol-free […]

5 Delicious Reasons SkinnyMe Chocolate is Worth Your Time

Low-calorie and low-sugar sweets have existed for as long as there were size zero models, as well as billboards and magazines teasing us with their sizes. You might try substituting carob for chocolate. Yuck. Or the unhealthy laboratory-made ingredients Olestra and Benzocaine? Double yuck. How about the eat it, not the craze that said if you want chocolate, have some raisins […]

The Most Popular Jelly Bean Flavors

Think of the jelly bean. They are small but bring so much joy and color to our lives. America loves them! Over 16 billion beans are produced each year just for the Easter season. This is a lot of sugary beans. These are just 5 fun facts about clever confections. The first confection to be sold by weight was jelly […]