Aussie burger hungry jacks

Aussie burger hungry jacks

Aussie burger hungry jacks

“What’s so special? About The Aussie?” you ask. The burger is only available in Australia and has beetroot (which replaces gherkins), bacon, and an extra egg.

After waiting for a while, I ordered my Aussie Whopper (double) as if it were a British gentleman.

It had been quite a while since my last visit to a Burger King. I was surprised at how big their burgers are compared to other places. McDonald’s Their competition and almost regretted ordering the double… almost.

It’s the perfect Australian bite. It includes a 100% Australian beef patty, premium eye bacon, a crack egg, cheese, onion and tomato as well as a delicious BBQ sauce. All served on a fresh sesame seed bun. You can wrap your laughing hair around all of that.

I am now “wrapping my laughing equipment around all of that”. Okay, enough with the ridiculous pictures. The item cost me $11.60AUD, or approximately PS7.09 GBP at time of writing.

It tastes great! It was really good. The patties at Burger King are flame grilled, which makes them taste more like a burger. Gherkins are replaced by beetroot on Whoppers. This may not be the preferred choice for some. The burger’s “breakfasty” flavour is due to the addition of bacon and eggs. This item can be compared with ” The 10 :35” a secret McDonalds item. It’s usually only available when the breakfast menu ends and the lunch menu starts.

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